Live life to the fullest!

I met Danae at the island Ometepe at the ecofinca/hostel El Zopilote.
She is a yoga teacher and Reiki master.

What is the most important thing in your life and why? For what do you get up in the morning?
hm… to live life. It is of great importance to me to be surrounded by nature in order to feel really good, to find inspiration and to make me feel like I am in the place that I am meant to be. There is so much… to be in the forest, to do what I feel like doing, e.g. yoga. For me it is wonderful to share my yoga. It may not render me a millionaire, well, not at all, but I love the exchange that establishes itself. I can do that as a volunteer. I like a place like this because it gives me the opportunity to connect with different cultures, different hearts, different ways of thinking… all this… wow, it inspires me a lot! And at the same time I learn about so many virtues of other people, they are like presents that help me to grow. So for me this is the perfect place. I have lived in many countries in Central America but this island above all – wow, it got me. I have fallen in love with simplicity. You don´t have so many options, so everything is much easier.

Who or what has inspired most you in your life and why?
Wow, this is a good question. Books have helped me a lot. Friends have helped me a lot. One time i got the idea to travel to Peru. So a friend of mine said: „Hey, why don´t you travel over land? So you will get to know each of these places better.“ So I said: „Oh yeah, that´s right!“ It is the first time that I went traveling. So I had no idea how to travel, how to deal with  money… I am from Mexico. So… this is how it all started. Yes, so a biiiiiig thank you to him and all the other people.

But I also believe that it helped a lot to connect with my inner self, my intuition, with that little voice that is constantly talking to ourselves but for which we oftentimes don´t have the calmness to listen to. We have so much noise in our lives…

My dad was also a big influence. He liked nature a lot as well. He taught us to love nature. This connection with nature I owe to my dad. He always took us to rivers, went to places nearby with us by car, but always to nature. Mountains, seas, or any other healthy activity. All the time we were at the sea, every weekend we went to the islands via boat… my dad went fishing, prepared ceviche, all the family ate… it was great. He always told us to be thankful to everything like this kind of energy, the creator of all this… you can put any name here. That stuck a lot to me and so I went along with this spirit of curiosity and exploration.

You almost already answered my next question. What is the best lesson your parents ever told you?
What I learned from them is to keep following my own way, no matter what. If it is what your heart tells you, go for it! It does not matter if it makes the others sad, happy, worried… you do what you have to do.

If you could ask for one wish, what would it be?
That I would be granted another one and another one, hehe… every time that I wanted…hehe… I must sound like Mrs. Universe hehehe… Love and peace for all. It wish that all beings may be happy and that all live in peace.

If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say?
This sentence sounds a bit repetitive, but… you have to live life in a conscious way and share love with everyone, be happy and live in peace. Like „Hey, my friend, live life to the fullest! Let´s go! Laugh more! Run more! Swim more! Dance more! Touch more! Do what you like to do! Do what you feel in your heart and be happy!“


What was the most inspiring part for you? Let me know in the comments.

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