The goddess is within all things.

I met Akabal at the island Ometepe at the ecofinca/hostel El Zopilote.
He is a Mexican yoga teacher and massage therapist.

What is the most important thing in your life and why? For what do you get up in the morning?
To worship the goddess. The goddess is within all things. And according to the subjectivity of this mind and this body takes on the female form. It’s like the form to which the mind turn to without distraction for its spiritual attention. Attention and devotion to the goddess. This means that everything I do is to make the goddess happy.

Does it also have a name or is it like the natural energy of the earth? And how did you find it?
It has many names. In its many forms it also adapts to the subjectivity of the minds to be attractive. And for me the most attractive is Kali, the goddess of creation and destruction. It’s the principle that invites you to live each day as if it’s the last one. Worshipping this goddess implies the initiation of liberation in the world. It seeks to achieve realization so that the distractions of mind stop. And then the mind can turn completely undistracted towards the divine consciousness that is in all things, that has no form, that is very subtle. And how did you find her? Once I was on the tower of this hostel and called her from my heart. Then I felt how she came and planted herself here (pointing towards his heart).

And apart from her who or what has inspired most you in your life and in what way?
There is a friend who seems to me the most beautiful and attractive being in the world, in many ways. It is quite appealing how he does not worry about money because he has money. He is powerful, he can fight, he has a very assertive approach, a very sharp mind, very accurate. And he lives in the now, he is like a baby, he looks at the world with a lot of clearness and transparency. His eyes show all the colors of the universe. It is a very beautiful person. And I think he is the most influential person in my life, he has taught me many things only by his very existence. Only by knowing him I feel that I can put my heart into his hands. And today it is still like that? Yes, all the time he is in my mind, in my heart, like the goddess. He is from Sweden, and I have not seen him for some time, for about two months.

You are a Yoga teacher and healer. What is special about the way you do your job? What´s your secret?
With my teacher in my heart, with the goddess in my heart, with devotion. For them; it has to do with with renunciation up to any kind of suffering, sickness, false knowledge, with ritualistic actions that help process the cycles that need to be concluded, the cycles that need to begin. Yes, to be very aware of what is the desired way to be every day and correspond to that desire as not to leave it aside but give it all the attention. And you, do have a desire or wish, too? Yes, but it’s a secret 🙂

What have you done that you’re most proud to have achieved?
To have instructed my younger brother to get out of school. To get out, to leave? And why? Well, because it’s something that I feel that it makes him happy to have left school and to be a little more innocent, his emotions being a little more pure and him having a more self-educated point of view, being more focused on the things that interest him. Without the fear of anxiety to be better or being an object or a very important element of society, no? … I think he has found great satisfaction in following his emotions, his feelings, with the people he likes, with his friends, with his wife. I think that his is something very interesting, I think his life is interesting, therefore. And what does he do? He works in a store, he is an employee, works selling cellphone parts. He works 5 days a week and lives with his wife, he plays soccer with his friends …

What is your greatest challenge right now?
I think it’s a subtle aspect of healing. When there is satisfaction of healing I feel very good. But sometimes I feel that this could be refined. I feel that the challenge is not to get distracted. I have many distractions by friends, mental, a lot of mental noise … And I think that this is one of the main obstacles. But as a challenge … no, I do not think so … there is no war, it does not feel like a challenge. I do not feel like I have to fight for something.

If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say?
There is a Tantra proverb which I like that it is indeed for when you start studying Tantra .. I do not remember from whom it is … but it says: “What is here is everywhere. And what is not here is nowhere.“ It talks about living in the present moment. Sometimes one says: “I’ve drunk this in the past.” And he looses the actualization of his senses. It´s like reading a book once and then finding this book again and thinking “I’ve already read this.“ The point of what I am saying is that every time you read a book it will be a different book. That is what is means basically. If you are here the most important thing is here. So what is here is everywhere. If the mind has created a very distant universe this universe also exists here. And that which is not here does not exist anywhere. If the mind is not receiving or is not interacting with it, with this object of the material world, then it does no exist.


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