If there is no love there is nothing.

I met Mauricio in Medellín in the store he works at. Never in my life have I had a nicer conversation with anybody in the service sector, let alone in a shopping mall. He is so full of energy and willingness to make you feel great that I almost had a guilty conscience after I left without actually buying anything.

What is the most important thing in your life, for what do you get up in the morning?
My main driver is my family. Well, I grew up without a male figure, there was always my mother, she embodied both the role of mom and dad. We are five brothers, I am the last one. And my family and friends say she was a working woman, to pull five children through. Then, after all she has done for us .. I … I came to this city to improve my quality of life and also to improve the quality of her life and that of my family. I fight not only for my dreams but also for their dreams. So that they may be happy.

My mom is a very important to me because she has always been there for me, unconditionally, in all moments of my life, she has helped me with my personal development and my sexual condition and the things I wanted to do. She is the one that has always been there even though good and bad things happen to you. One ultimately knows that he has this kind of mom who supports him no matter what.

It is very extraordinary that somebody already talks about his sexuality in the first question. Is it because you are homosexual?
Yes. I told my family on December 31, two years ago. So for me it was hard because I had been thinking about this for many years, but did not find the right way. To be a little more free, and to be able to share this with the best friends. Well, concerning my sexual condition, sometimes I can say I’m a little happy but not in a while.

I can say “well, my family already knows I’m gay” but the person who will complement this emptiness – that perhaps can not be filled with a male figure – has not arrived yet. And sometimes … like every human being … there are physiological needs, the desire to feel the affection of another person, who is also supporting you, with whom you go out and share a weekend, go to see a movie, cook together… Now society – how can it be that it does not allow you to see beyond what it does not want to see. I prefer to feel love for God and my family. Yes, I think that would fulfill me, completely.

What is the best lesson you learned from your mom?
Well, in general she has taught me many things, but what I most took from her is respect, respect and humility. Being straightforward is how I grew up, and this is how family or friends have seen it. So that they do not think “ah this guy here in town he was so and so, but now after he went elsewhere he has changed his way of thinking, the way he dresses …” but no. One can very well progress but not forget neither his traditions nor his roots and be straightforward and humble and above all respect others. And also respect people´s dignity.

What have you done that you’re most proud to have achieved?
Overall I feel proud when I gave something back and feel happy. Well, I tell myself: “I can do this, OK, and I’m happy.” Proud of myself that I have succeeded in this. The little things you can do. And I chose a different road already, and I find myself here in another city in which I am learning and getting to know people and also for my personal growth. If someone feels happy I’m happy for his or her joy.

If you could ask for one wish, what would it be?
That my whole family may be happy, regardless of immaterial and material things which are temporary to me, that we all may be happy. May we all love and value each other, may we be an entirely united family. May there be tranquility, peace, and most importantly things is that there may be love. Because if there is no love there is nothing.


Tan joven, tan apasionado y humilde … qué parte se ha inspirado más? Háganos saber en los comentarios y comparta su historia!

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