We must fight, my friend.

I met Anatolia at the local artesania market in Huaraz, a town in the Peruvian mountains, 3000m asl. Life is tough there due to the harsh climate, and everybody has its own ways to make ends meet. No reason to complain, or is it?

This interview was translated from Spanish.

What makes you the happiest?
When the day dawns. The time of dawn is beautiful, I like it. When the day begins we work, we do many things. All this is done by hand, this is what we do.

Do you like this type of work?
Yes, I got used to it, I want to work like this. I’ve gotten used to knitting and I do not have time for other things.

And what do you like to do when you do not have to work?
Well, of course, when I rest I go to Chacras, my land. There is my dad, there are my brothers. I go there to visit them. My dad is already 86 years old, but he lives, he’s okay. He goes for his walks, sows his onions, his lettuce, all his vegetables. Yes, there I go.

Is there a special lesson you learned from your dad?
Oh my dad, yes. He has educated me well. To be honorable, to be hardworking. At 4 o’clock in the morning he used to call me in order to grow corn, potatoes. They sowed a lot. When they were harvesting they sold a lot at the market. So I am still used to getting up at 4 or 5 a.m.. I start at home, wash my clothes, I bathe, this is how it goes. It is necessary, during the day I have to do many things, I do not have much time for other stuff.

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?
No, nothing right now. We are fine, yes. My husband works, my son studies, my son is going to finish his class in Lima, and he will return, here he is going to start another career. That´s it, we are doing fine.

Wow, congratulations. It’s the first time someone says “no, I have no problems”.
Haha, yes, I’m happy. So it seems to me. There are not many problems. It may be that there is also … we are not free at all, right? Yes, it could be. But right now, no, we’re fine. My husband is now on vacation, he goes to Chacras to plant his potatoes, he is cultivating. That is all.

If you could give some advice to everyone, what would it be?
To get work and work with others also, relaxed, freely, to not commit to other things, right? To support the ones who work, who make an effort just like us.

Do you have any wish for the future?
Yes, to keep on working, keep going. You like to work a lot, don´t you? Haha, yes, we must keep going, yes, we must not stay behind. We must fight, my friend.

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