I love women, they are awesome.

I met Gustavo by chance in Huaraz, Peru where he was looking for a job as a cook.

This interview was translated from Spanish.

What is the most important thing in your life, for what do you get up in the morning?
The most important thing is to thank God for guiding me, no? What I am going to do in this life. To thank God for this life and that I may get up another day. And to move on… because I have a daughter. Yes… and nothing else.

Do you have a wish for the future?
Yes, to be an engineer.

How do you want to accomplish this goal and why?
I am studying civil engineering in Lima, at the Católica. I like civil engineering, I like numbers, I love to build things, and I like things to progress.

Ah, so you only work in Huaraz temporarily in order to make money to keep on studying.
Yes, I am on vacation. Well yes, work and study, nothing else. You know… sometimes the family supports you… in my case no. They don´t.

Well, this can also be a good thing. My parents also helped me a bit, but I also had to make my own money, and I believe it´s a good thing. At least after working many jobs you know for sure which kind of work you never want to do again 🙂
Yes, I know a lot about cooking. It also depends on the field of work you do in a restaurant.

Yes, of course. Is it more fun to work in luxurious restaurants or in the simple ones?
More the luxury ones. Why? Because the payment is better.

Are there any books or persons that had a big influence to your life?
No. I walk alone. There was no role model whatsoever? No, I am alone. I am divorced, divorced from the mother of my child. Since about two years. It´s been two years that I have been on my own.

What have you done that makes you proud?
I am proud because I have this life. My work, my studies. And my daughter. Her name is Luciana, she is 7 years old.

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?
To find a good job. And to advance my career.

If you did not have to work in order to make money, if there was a lot of money – what would you like to do with your life?
Ah, to live in peace. That nobody may bother me. The place doesn´t matter. But may it not be Lima 😉 I don´t like Lima, it is very stressful, many cars, many people.

I would like to go to Europe, I would love to get to know all of Europe. Get to know to landscapes, the people…

And what is your most beloved place?
I would like to be in Chile, it is beautiful. Why? I love Chile, and I also love the Chilean women.

What makes you laugh, what gives you the most pleasure?

Hm, good answer, I understand you perfectly… 🙂
I love women, they are awesome.

What would you like your daughter to learn? Do you have any advice for the youth?
Sure. May they study, may they work and move on in this life. It´s that easy, isn´t it? I study in the morning and work in the evening. The days are very long. There is one day to rest: Monday or Tuesday.

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